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SSL Certificates

Increased security for your business and transactions

As the full service digital marketing agency of choice for customers from across the globe, and as part of the online marketing solutions which we offer, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that your business is safe and secure from imposters and fraudsters. This is why we, at Sheep Commerce, offer SSL Certificates for our customers to guarantee that the security of your websites is in check.


At Sheep Commerce, when providing online marketing solutions, we go much deeper than what is apparent at the surface. As professionals who have more than a decade of experience in the field, we know that there is a lot more to a website than simply how attractive the homepage is, or how user-friendly the interface is. In addition to making your websites look appealing or attractive, we can, therefore, provide you with promising solutions against hackers and ensure that all sensitive data which is entered on your websites remains private and confidential.


The SSL connection is one of the most complex, yet important aspects of any website or online business. To successfully establish an SSL connection on your website, you must have a valid SSL certificate which we, at Sheep Commerce, can provide you with. Once you make the decision of applying an SSL connection to the web server which you are using, you will be asked some essential questions about your business and website. After this, public and private keys will be created by the web server.


A Certificate Signing Request will make use of the public key which is generated by the web server. This Certificate Signing Request is a file which contains the details about your organization as well. Once the SSL Certificate which is provided to you by Sheep Commerce is applied, the issued certificate will be referenced to the private key which is generated for your website by the web server.


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The following regions get are best in class internet security: Tung Chung, Sha Tin, Yung Shue Wan, Yuen Long Kau Hui, Kowloon, Sai Kung, Wan Chai, Sham Shui Po, Central, Tai Po, Wong Tai Sin, Tsuen Wan, Bangkok and Tuen Mun.



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