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Win customers and audiences with engaging voiceovers

We at Sheep Commerce understand that your business or brand can no longer survive solely with half-heartedly written content. With so much information and content available on the internet, it is possible that your brand, business, or company does not really exist, or is not known by many people, simply because you rely solely on written content.

More or less every topic under the sun has already been written about extensively. This is why it is likely that the written content which is associated with your brand or company will not be noticed unless it is a truly unique piece of work. The solution: voiceovers.

Most companies today are increasingly relying on voiceovers—and that too, for good reason. It is a well known fact that a real human’s voice is more likely to convince you to buy a product or use a service than a lengthy and wordy article in which the author beats about the bush far more than necessary. With our Sheep Voice service, we, at Sheep Commerce, can help you find the perfect voice actor to ensure that you get the message across to your audiences or customers.

The best part about the Sheep Voice service by Sheep Commerce is that you can use it for a variety of purposes. Not only are voiceovers great for ads and animations which are made to sell a product or service, but they can also be used for anything from movies to video games, presentations to informatory videos—and even for e-books!

What’s more, we can provide you with professional voice actors who do not only speak different languages, but our voice actors at Sheep Commerce also have different ages and backgrounds to ensure that you can always choose the ideal voice actor for your audiences. The process which we follow, too, is extremely simple and guarantees that you have the perfect voiceover in no time!

Here are some of the reasons why our voiceovers at Sheep Commerce might interest you for your own business, e-books, animations or presentations:


As the full service digital marketing agency of choice for hundreds of businesses across the globe, we pride ourselves on the quality of services which we offer to our valuable clients. Our Sheep Voice service is no exception. We have countless professionals which you can choose from to ensure that your message is delivered to your audiences, exactly the way you’d like!

At Sheep Commerce, we provide high quality voiceovers which go through a thorough screening process before they are sent to our clients to guarantee that you only get the best of the best!

Best Rates

Unlike most profit-oriented digital marketing agencies, we at Sheep Commerce, believe in complete transparency. By choosing our Sheep Voice service for your voiceovers, you will not only receive the best quality of voiceovers for your needs, but you will also receive them at the most competitive rates!

With the Sheep Voice service by Sheep Commerce, there are also no hidden charges or royalties involved in the voiceovers which we send to you. This means that once you request a voiceover from one of our talented professionals, you are free to use it wherever and as often as you’d like! Additionally, since customer satisfaction is our utmost priority at Sheep Commerce, if you do not like the voiceover which was sent to you, you aren’t obliged to pay for it.


Speed is another distinguishing factor which we offer with our Sheep Voice service which makes us unlike the rest. At Sheep Commerce, once you provide us with the content which you require voiced by one of our professional voice actors, we will immediately tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take for you to receive it.

With the Sheep Voice services offered by Sheep Commerce, not only are you free to choose a voice actor from our team of professionals, but if you are afraid that you will not be able to make the right decision, we can recommend voice actors from among our trained professionals. What’s more, we can also provide you with free samples of voiceovers by our trained professionals so that you are at peace that you are making the right decision by choosing Sheep Voice.

Enterprise Solutions

Whether you have large voiceover projects for your business, or even if you are looking for someone to take care of your dubbing needs, you’ve come to the right place. With the Sheep Voice service offered by Sheep Commerce, you can get voiceovers for your business regardless of how small, large, or complex your projects may be! At Sheep Commerce, we also give our valuable customers the facility of system integration with our API to automate the production of your voiceovers.

Easy to Use

To ensure that our customers are not inconvenienced in any way, the voiceovers which we send to you with Sheep Voice are delivered in MP3 and WAV formats for seamless and easy integration. Additionally, all of the voiceovers which we provide you with are done by professionals who are trained and experienced so it is likely that you will not face any problems with the final product.

If you, too, would like voiceovers for your business, e-book, or even for a video game, browse through our talented professionals and choose your favorite voice actor after listening to free samples.



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